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Sittingbourne Osteopathic Practice

Osteopathy: The physical manipulation of muscle, soft tissue and bones to relieve pain and create wellbeing

Osteopathy and You

Improve your posture, technique and movement

Our physical health affects our mental health – when we can’t do what we’re used to, we can become very unhappy and this can lead to more physical as well as psychological problems. Osteopathy can help you break this cycle. The clinics are run by Mark Smith, who has more than 30 years’ experience as an osteopath and a vast knowledge of the human body, how it works, the effects of modern living and the best treatment for each patient when it does go wrong. Not everyone’s pain is the same and so an individual approach is vital.

Our Services

Get back doing the things you enjoy

Cranial Osteopathy

A focus on the head to identify tension points throughout the body

Structural Osteopathy

A focus on the problem area and other parts of the body that may affect it


Using small needles to stimulate the body to respond and recover

Why Choose Us

30 years of experience is just the start

The Sittingbourne Osteopathic Practice was founded in 1990. Since then it has been successfully giving treatments to get you pain free, back to health, back to work and getting you back to doing the things you enjoy.

Pain doesn’t have to be something you accept, nor do you have to give up activities that you love because your range of movement has reduced – osteopathy can solve both problems and get you back to what you want to do.

Benefits of Osteopathy

What can Osteopathy help with?

Sports injury

Exercise is good for you, but if you play sport often, then you will be liable to repetitive strain injuries.

Chronic Pain

Musculoskeletal makeup can cause pain in other areas of the body.


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years, as a way of unblocking the channels that flow around the body.

Neck & Back Pain

These two areas of the body are often where patients feel tension and pain.

Acute Pain

Osteopathy can help relieve neck, back, shoulder, leg, muscular pain and also help control headaches

Ante/Post Natal

Osteopathy can help relieve pain during and after pregnancy, allowing you to enjoy this special time without pain.

Injury Rehabilitation

No-one wants to be injured, but if you are, osteopathy can help to get the body back to good health.

Shoulder & Joint Injury

The shoulder is a very complex joint with many things that can go wrong

Session Information and Pricing

What can you expect

Your first session will be slightly longer than normal and we will have a chat about your medical history, lifestyle and diet and identification of symptoms. We will look at how long you have had problems to help us identify the best treatment going forward.

You will be asked to lay on the treatment table for manual manipulation and mobilisation of the problem area.

You will not need to undress, but do wear suitable, comfortable clothing.

You’ll be given advice on lifestyle to help aid recovery and you may be given exercises to do do at home.

We will then discuss a treatment plan to establish if another appointment is needed or advice on what to do if the problem recurs.